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AK Acres Popcorn Company
33297 Road 740
North Hwy 61
Imperial, NE 69033 USA

Tel: 308-882-5379
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AK Acres Popcorn Company began in the early 80's as an extension of the farming operations of Dennis Kunnemann and his father Arnold Kunnemann. Upon realizing the tremendous popcorn production potential of southwest Nebraska they decided to cease active farming and devote their time exclusively to contracting, processing, and marketing high quality bulk popcorn.

AK Acres Popcorn Company has since grown into one of the largest bulk popcorn producers in the high plains region. Today AK Acres operates two processing facilities and has the capacity to process and store over thirty million pounds of popcorn every year.

AK Acres Popcorn Company operates primarily as a worldwide bulk popcorn wholesaler. The majority of our customers are distributors, packagers, snack food retailers, and poppers who purchase our popcorn in bulk.

AK Acres is centrally located within the United States and has its own rail spur which gives the company the ability to serve the entire United States including the coastal ports and Mexico. Its relative proximity to the west coast and Mexico gives AK Acres a regional freight advantage over its competitors to the east.

With our central location in one of the most progressive agricultural areas in the United States and our twenty years of experience we are confident that we can supply premium quality bulk popcorn at the most competitive prices in the industry. We thank you for considering our company and we look forward to serving you in the future.

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