AK Acres Popcorn Company
33297 Road 740
North Hwy 61
Imperial, NE 69033 USA

Tel: 308-882-5379
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AK Acres Popcorn Co. is a bulk popcorn supplier. Minimum order is one truckload, ocean container, or railcar.

Popcorn Varieties:

Yellow Butterfly Popcorn

This great tasting variety produces large tender kernels and high volume expansion.

Yellow Mushroom Popcorn

The round mushroom shaped surface makes this variety ideal for coating.

White Butterfly Popcorn

The most tender and delicate of kernels, this variety is primarily used for gourmet popcorn.

Popcorn Packaging:

12.5 Lb. Bag

AK Acres brand 12.5 LB. Polyethylene bag.

50 Lb. Bag

AK Acres or private label brand. 50 LB. paper or paper/poly type bag.

2,200 Lb. Bag

Bulk forklift bag. Weight may vary with bag size.

Popcorn Shipping:
Minimum order quantity is one full truckload or approximately 44,000 lbs.


Shipped in bulk or in bags.


Shipped in bulk or in bags.

Ocean Container

Shipped in bulk or in bags.

Escorted Caravan

Our most secure and flexible shipping method!